sabato 9 giugno 2012

Who is Kyle?

This is Kyle, he is 8 years old.  Kyle has Down syndrome. He was also born with a heart condition and anal atresia, but both have been surgically corrected and he is now perfectly healthy. Kyle walks, pronounces combinations of words and seeks out physical contact and attention. He has difficulty with his attention span and his development is delayed. However, he still shows a desire to learn and interact.

But … Kyle is in an adult mental institution in an eastern European country and unless someone decides to adopt him there is very little likelihood that he will have any real opportunity to live a happy life surrounded by people who love and care for him.  He will not grow up learning to play and learn and interact normally in a stimulating environment.  What he really needs is a family to take him into their hearts and home and show him the love that every child deserves.

For further information about adopting Kyle or donating to his adoption fund, please contact Andrea Roberts at the Reece's Rainbow website:

See also the blogsite of Sunny Smith, a very determined girl who is doing everything in her power to raise awareness about this little boy’s plight and find him a family:
$2703.00 is currently available towards the cost of Kyle’s adoption!

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